Thursday, November 4

ricotta salata w sliced new season nectarines & baby spinach salad

i have always loved a looonnnng lunch.  i play in the kitchen with the food, matt chooses approp wine, plays some music or chooses some music to listen to, sets the table & the afternoon carries on in a lovely relaxing pace.  recently on holiday we had several long lunches.  pictured is our lunch we lulled over on the first day.....platter of sliced lombo & calabrese salami, green queen olives, cut vine tomatoes w fresh pesto dolloped, avocado w lemon, fresh vienna bread & a delicious salad of sliced ricotta salata (pressed, salted dry ricotta) w sliced nectarines, baby spinach, sea salt, cracked pepper & olive oil (recipe inspired by my boss, anna!)....washed down with several glasses of pinot gris - our holiday had officially started! 


Pinecone Camp said...

You kind of remind me of Rob and me. We do love a long lunch avec wine! This salad looks and sounds delicious. I love the images, especially the guitar shot.

Unknown said...

i love visiting your blog. your lovely long lunches i sometimes envy- we are sometimes in too much of a rush, time to slow down. your blog is so refreshing and inspirational, well done!