Friday, November 5

fresh from the sea to me

my 7yr old loves prawns & stradbroke island has excellent daily caught seafood.  the local fisho only sells fish that is locally line caught - (the prawn shack, mintee st, pt lookout).  on visiting him recently we selected some green prawns & coral trout fillets for our lunch....

i tossed the prawns in a hot pan with oil, garlic, sea salt & lemon.  we lightly floured the coral trout & pan-fried in olive oil & served simply w lemon & sea salt.  eve (7yr old prawn lover) made a rocket salad w finely grated parmesan while i made a steamed asparagus, grilled some sliced pancetta & made a platter w lemon vinaigrette....all deliciously fresh & light.


Digella said...

We are off to Straddie after Christmas and I am so looking forward to the break.

Let me tell you a little story. Last year 16 of us headed to Straddie for five nights away. We meal planned 'fresh seafood' for two nights of the trip. PROBLEM! There was no fresh fish at all! The fishers can only fish certain areas and alas there was no fish caught for over a week.

We had to buy steak. Twice! True story.

I love their philosophy and love the fresh local seafood when we can get it.

It sounds like you are enjoying the break.

Anonymous said...

Looks indeed tasty!