Tuesday, December 28

jamón ibérico with new season figs, lemon olive oil & toasted walnut bread

in between the many courses over the past couple of days i served a simple & light meal of:

sliced jamon iberico with torn new season figs, drizzled lemon olive oil, cracked pepper & a slice of toasted walnut bread

it was perfect amid all the rich food we have been indulging in!

jamón ibérico – is ham made only from the iberian pig. the breeding of the iberian pig is restricted to an area in south western spain & south eastern portugal. although fed some cereals, these pigs also roam countryside and feed on acorns. the curing process lasts from 14 to 36 months.  the result is sweet, soft meat & classed as the premium of the jamons.


Anonymous said...


Ug said...

I ate it!

bon appetempt said...

Looks beautiful. I had never heard of jamon iberico -- now I'll have to try it!

Anonymous said...

Jamom, jamon!! This looks simply perfect post Christmas :). I adore your food photography, so clean. May i ask what camera & lens you are using? Cheers!

greenbeenfood said...

hi anon - i use a canon eos 500d with a 50mm lense. sometimes a bit tight but takes lovely natural shots. thks dayle.

Sarah @ For the Love of Food said...

I love that salty, sweet nutty combo - what a simple and elegantly rustic dish to serve!

I was lucky enough to be introduced to jamon iberico in Spain about 4 years ago where it's the most expensive but ubiquitous and not nearly as pricey as it is here (back then anyway).