Thursday, December 30

time to stop!

ok so the lead up to christmas, christmas itself, school holidays combined, amusing 2 busy (sometimes quite naughty) little girls, partying with friends, shopping @ the sales, way too much indulgence on the liquid level, broken sleeps with a 4yr old who is having rather weird dreams + has taken to wetting the bed often.......... and all of this is a combination of my run down state. 

today is a day with no plans.  no demands are being met & to help me rest & recover i needed a big bowl of chinese egg noodle soup with steamed chicken, schallots & beanshoots.....i now can rest & recover somewhat before tomorrow - the lead up to new years eve!


Anna Johnston said...

Go you good thing :) Well said..., love the music... :)

Marisa Seguin said...

Mmm this looks delicious. Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

OH yes! the night terrors. Im currently experincing this x 2 {4 year old twins!!} Why dont you & Matt download Insomnia by faithless? Sting is fine by all means but i think faithless kinda convey that 3am headspace. Cant get no sleep & something about a potato in the fridge. Weird. Relevant? NO. cheers & all the best for 2011 XXX