Monday, August 2

spanish long lunch w baker lou & friends

i love planning menus....always have - some have worked over the years others have can depend on how much i drink & how the girls are behaving.....anyway i have wanted to do a spanish themed long lunch for a while.  i invited 4 friends (including baker lou), wrote the menu & had fun sourcing the ingredients & the time my guests arrived @ 1pm the table was set, spanish guitar music was playing & i was sipping a glass of spanish sherry...i could not decide which pictures to exclude so put most of them in!!! recipes are not included as i referred to the spanish website for insipiration & advice
my spanish menu included
grilled bread w white anchovies, sliced jamon, 12mth aged manchego & stracchino cheese
black olives
potato tortilla w roasted red & yellow peppers
pan-fried garlic portobello mushrooms
smoked paprika meatballs w sweet tomato sauce
white beans, chorizo, white wine & tomato - "alubias blancas con chorizo "
fried cauliflower, chickpea & lemon spinach salad
dessert by baker lou
baked blackberry tart
sticky date cake w butterscotch sauce


Anonymous said...

that looks delicious - white anchovies w manchego yum!

Anonymous said...

I love white anchovies. The blackberry tart looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Lovely photos. Sally