Saturday, July 31

moroccan spiced roasted chicken w pan-fried chickpea, spinach, tomato & lemon

a week night meal recently had us eating moroccan spiced roasted chicken w pan-fried chickpeas, spinach, tomato & lemon. 

i coated the chicken breast in herbies moroccan spice mix, drizzled w olive oil & oven roasted on high for approx 20mins.  in a hot pan i pan-fried the chickpeas, garlic & cherry tomatoes until browning stage.....i squeezed two lemons & seasoned w salt & pepper.....i turned the heat down & placed 3 heaped handfuls of baby spinach into the pan.....stirring & waiting for it to wilt.....extra squeeze of lemon & serve immediately w the roasted chicken breast on top & a cheek of lemon!  tasty!!!  esp w a heaped tblspoon of harissa!

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