Monday, February 21

river cafe inspired

my friend, michael hoare (hd chef @ the chelsea) & i declared whilst chatting one day that we are both big fans of the river cafe cook books....from there a plan/menu was devised to have a long lunch with our families, inspired by the river cafe cook books. 

i was assigned to the bruschetta & dessert (i got the easy options)....while michael put his hand up for the pasta dish & the poultry main.

our menu comprised of:
bruschetta (1) garlic & oregano white beans w roasted balsamic cherry tomatoes & grated reggiano
bruschetta (2) grilled zucchini w pan seared onion, pancetta, basil & sliced salted ricotta
 pasta - freshly made tagliatelle w fig, chilli & double cream (recipe from the river cafe cook book easy, silver cover pg 90)
main - baked chicken in milk w sage (recipe from the river cafe cook book easy, silver cover pg 146)
michaels roasted sebago potatoes w rosemary, lemons, olive oil, sea salt & cracked pepper
dessert - pressed bitter sweet chocolate cake w clotted cream (recipe from the original river cafe cook book, blue cover pg 292)

i have plenty of tasty looking pics for you to see how the afternoon flowed...i am now thinking we choose another cook book that inspires us & we do it all over again!
above my bruschetta...
chilli & ripe figs for pasta
grating lemon zest for pasta
making fresh tagliatelle...
pasta was served...tagliatelle w fig, chilli & double cream
michaels potatoes ready for baking & chicken seared ready for the oven
main meal ready for serving...delicious!
let us eat & drink...
 pressed bitter sweet chocolate cake ready for serving w clotted cream


The Decorator said...

I love the way you presented the bruschetta on the Corona tray!
The bittersweet chocolate cake is to die for!!!

OohLookBel said...

You picked the right cookbooks for photogenic food! The dishes look fantastic and I bet they taste pretty good, too.

Anonymous said...

Looks so delicious. I am very hungry now! Karen

Anonymous said...

It all looks simply amazing & delicious! K

greenbeenfood said...

whenever i see the images from this long lunch i want to eat some of the chicken...or the potatoes...or the pasta...again! thanks for your comments dayle x

Lisa Kjellerød said...

Im so envious of your summery pictures and colourful food as life here is very white right now and the fruit and veg are crap!

Anonymous said...

Amazing spread of food and photographs.

Anastasia said...

That all looks soooooo delicious!

A frog in the cottage said...

what beautiful pictures !! a real delight for the eyes and a great pleasure