Thursday, February 3

eton mess inspired dessert

we were recently invited to a burns supper by our friends carla & scott....the night was fabulous & i must give an extra special mention to the dessert!  matt was quoted saying it was one of the best desserts he has eaten!  that good!

carla (our hostess with the mostess) combined the following in brandy balloon glasses & everyone devoured!

carla's eton mess dessert
griottines (morello cherries drowned in kirsch) made into a jelly & set in glasses, layer of creamy mascarpone, layer of crumbled meringue, sprinkle of toasted almonds, & another sprinkle of cherries & finished with saffron persian floss

bag pipes played, robert burns poems were read, wine was poured, new people were met & the locally made haggis was very tasty too!


Anonymous said...

Looks fabulous! J

Unknown said...

are you going to make me some of that good! dessert. looks like you've had a fabulous night. love are you going to tell me about that dream?

Aunty Pic said...

What a great it!