Friday, January 28

bellingen....a beautiful town in country nsw

when i was really young my parents would take my sisters & i to the fresh water streams just near bellingen for swimming.  mum would pack a picnic & we would swim in the crystal clear water that had huge lucky stones on the bottom.  i prefer fresh water swimming over ocean swimming....on the drive there i would day-dream about living in the farm cottages that were surrounded by cow fields & i imagined the kitchens to be smelling of roast chicken with gravy?!....i even picked out my house that i swore to my parents i would live in one-day.  whenever i return to bellingen i am in love with the old world charm of this gorgeous town.  the pace is slow & the people are friendly.....the food is of an organic/home-grown or home-made nature which i also really like.  some town pics to show the way the house that i planned to live in has been replaced by a brick beautiful white timber clad cottage with rusty iron roof is gone but i will never forget it.


Anonymous said...

The CWA photo is a classic... although nanna is looking a little more fitter than I recall that generation looking...but then again she is probably one of the yoga practising vegetarian bello locals!

wideopenspaces said...

your photos are really fantastic. i feel like I am there, totally transported. you have a gift.

Unknown said...

lovely post, fabulous photo's, i hope to get to bellingen soon! x