Sunday, December 5

happy hanukkah (chanukah)

my girls love december......their dad celebrates chanukah early december & their mum (me) celebrates christmas!!!  life is pretty good for them this time of year!  happy chanukah xx


Sarah @ For the Love of Food said...

Hi greenbeen I've just awarded you the One Lovely Blog award. Come over to check out the award 'conditions'. Cheers, Sarah.

greenbeenfood said...

thank you very much sarah....lovely mention & makes me think i must be doing something good. x

Anna Johnston said...

Hey there Greenbeenfood :) We are both recipients of Sarah's (For the Love of Food) beautiful Lovely Blog Award & I'm popping on by to say hi & greetings...., in fact.... 'Happy Hanukka' to you, I love following fellow Aussie foodies & feel very excited to read that you enjoy similar interests, now that's good foodie talk for me :)
Great song that starting playing too as I came onto your site.., nice touch.
I've subscribed to your RSS & look forward in connecting through the blogosphere
Cheers Anna

Joyti said...

How lovely your celebrations look! And how enchanting that your girls get two gorgeous holidays.

Gastronomy Gal said...

Oh-- Chrismakkuh! How exciting! I need to find out more about Hanukkah.. sounds like a fun month though.