Monday, November 29

cavatelli pasta w fried broccoli, sun dried tomato, spinach & toasted breadcrumbs

 i was recently inspired by a dish i ordered @ gusto da gianni - orrecchiette w fried broccoli tips, anchovies, garlic & breadcrumbs.....i decided to make a similar version @ home.

cavatelli pasta w fried broccoli, garlic, sun dried tomato, spinach & toasted bread crumbs w shaved reggiano

the result had my 7yr old very happy!  the 4yr old thought it was revolting!!!  oh well can't please them all.

cavatelli is a small pasta that is rolled on the sides, causing the individual pasta pieces to resemble tiny hot dog buns.


Sarah @ For the Love of Food said...

OOh this looks fab - I don't suppose a recipe would be forthcoming?

Anonymous said...

Evie has great taste!