Sunday, October 3

greek chicken & lemon soup my style!

soup of chicken, fennel, caperberry, barley & lemon
greek inspired!
it has been raining a little more than usual in brisbane lately.....nice i think because i can enjoy the comfort food longer as once late spring/summer hits it is all watermelon!  a recent sunday lunch i slow cooked for my family a greek traditonal soup called avgolemono (although i tweeked it a little sorry!).

slow cooked a whole chicken, cup of barley, cup of white rice, 1ltr chicken stock, 2 cups of water, 1 lemon cut into qrts, 1/2 cup of caperberries, 1 bulb fennel diced, 2tlbs whole peppercorns, 2tlbs salt, heaped spnful of oregano, 6 x bay leaves, 2 gloves chopped garlic & olive oil for 6hrs.  shred the chicken & re-add without bones then slow cook a little more.  take out the bay leaves & the lemon then stir & serve w a good drizzle of olive oil & chopped flat leave parsley - delicious served with home-made garlic bread & a tumbler of vino (your choice).