Saturday, September 25

deliciously daggy!

a great friend of mine & i have had a regular gig going on now for several years.  we drive 1 hour up the highway to mooloolaba (with our 4 little girls in tow), spend a couple of hours @ the beach, de-sand ourselves & then head to the surf club for lunch for their ridiculously delilcious daily roast!  $14.95 self serve & the roast meat changes i have had some very ordinary roasts in my life but the mooloolaba surf club never disappoints.  we have actually had conversations about how it has never disappointed us!  + i like the horseradish cream offered & the green peppercorn gravy.  combined with the view, the relaxed pace a surf club sets & the great company i look forward to my next mooloolaba visit.


Anonymous said...

That plate looks so good I almost feel like doing the drive again today!

Anonymous said...

Looks delicious - all of it!