Wednesday, January 25

thank you

thank you very much for your words of wisdom in relation to my previous post.  so many things written rang true and i have decided to pull back but not completely.  just wait a little while and see how i feel. 

i have asked myself why did i start blogging and it comes back to my love for good food, wine, menu planning, shopping for the ingredients, having friends over, being with family & friends and enjoying...stopping to eat & slurp...laughter is usually always involved, the people watching & seeing my little girls eyes light up when a flavour surprises them...(the list goes on).

whenever family or friends have been away i am often asking them 'what was your most memorable dish whilst on holidays?'  so many different responses!  and so many are paired with the weather, their mood at the time, the price, the wine, the parking, the waiter, the toilets, the napkins, the wine glasses, the vibe...i love the stories of what eating does!

many of my most happiest memories are through food.


Tiffin Fiona said...

Thank YOU for blogging - they are a great read and you know I love the photos

john@heneedsfood said...

"many of my most happiest memories are through food"

Such beautiful words. You will certainly be missed be it indefinite or otherwise. Your posts were not only gorgeous and humble but a distraction from my weekly routine. A distraction I got very used to. Gonna miss ya love!

The Decorator said...

My Darling Madame Greenbeen!
You were my inspiration to start my blog and you were my mentor!
I think your photography is fabulous and many a time I have thought to myself:
'I really must be more like Dayle and produce more of my own content!'
I am sorry you feel this way especially now your time is freeing up with the girls both in school.
But I totally understand where you are coming from!
I really think you need to take the pressure off and limit the amount of posts you do. Blog when you feel inspired and when you feel the need! And if this means one post per month for what!?
You have obviously built a following which is evident from the lovely comments which have been posted.
You are an absolute treat in so many ways. I love the way you write which is the way you speak with all the honesty and personality you can muster!
I like to think of my blog as a sort of documentation of that can be looked back on. It is so easy to get bogged down with the comparisons with the infinitum of content which is floating around in the BLOGOSPHERE!
Anyway take care, have a break and be back soon!

The Decorator said...
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The Decorator said...
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The Decorator said...
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The Decorator said...
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shipbuilding said...

What lovely comments you have! I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling like this and I have to say...I understand. Everything that's been said is so true and I also believe a break is a good thing. While I enjoy all your posts I have to say that the ones you do of your family and friends hanging out at home and cooking are my favorite ones so as far as I'm concerned, not taking photos in public isn't a bad thing at all : )

Camila Ely said...

I have to share my thoughts with you as far as your previous post. I recall reading it and it crushed my heart because your blog is beautiful and inspiring. Half way around the world you welcomed me to travel to your little side of the world through your blog and I enjoy it.
However, never-mind my own selfish reasons.
There is this little thing about artistic souls; when we lack motivation we can't produce the works of art that we expect to share with others. Sometimes all we need is a little break or a refreshing change for that motivation to come back. When that motivation returns to us it's like a craving to do something artistic and beautiful and it won't go away until we release it.
Your blog was that little push of motivation for me to start my own blog and I'm so glad that I stumbled into it because it is very inspiring.
I just want you to know that it made an impact to me and that I wish you the best. Whatever you decide, I hope that you decide to stay and share your beautiful work with us. If you decide otherwise, I hope that you find something that will return your motivation and inspire you to do all the great things that you can do...and by the way, Thank you. =)

Leese said...

Hi Dayle, just to let you know I tagged you in a little bloggy award today,details are on my blog, Don't feel obligated if you would rather not, but just letting you know.
Leese x

Ann said...

i love your blog i love the photos especially!

i had a break from blogging too and its nice to get away from the net once in a while :)

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