Tuesday, November 29

sourdough crumbed schnitzel...& other delicious things

a splash of prosecco to get in the mood...
from the front jensens red washed rind, gorgonzola & morbier...
deliciously oozing...jensens red washed rind
...morbier cheese
my 8yr olds flower arrangement...so spring & pretty
...french rose was fabulous with the cheese board & warm confit garlic bread
brasserie bread confit garlic bread...incredibly tasty just on its own!...(brasserie bread site)
melbourne has now been our home for 4mths and i have been itching to have guests over for dinner...it takes time though in a new city and it's not cool to just ask the nearest person/neighbour/supermarket cashier over for dinner...+ our nearest neighbours are in their 80's!  so my job lent a hand & i met a gorgeous french friend called sarah (see her creative work)...we are like minded in food, love rose wine & her general enthusiasm is contagious...so a perfect dinner party candidate along with her photographer (his clever work) & budding barista boyfriend nico!

i wanted everything to be relaxed and casual.  sarah & nico arrived around 6pm and we sat in the garden enjoying the cheese & bread from brasserie bread with rose.  the weather was beautiful to be outdoors and when the weather is good in melbourne you soak it up!
before serving the main sarah and i made the dessert (stonefruit cobbler) together which baked whilst we ate the main...

the sun set around 8pm...we opened a delicious beaujolais...then a cotes du rhone and it all was 'feet up & relaxed'...i realised i still had my slippers on whilst eating the entree & they fittingly stayed on for the rest of the night!

entree...cheese board of gorgonzola, jensens red, morbier with brasserie bread confit garlic bread
main...sourdough & parmesan crumbed schnitzel with smashed baked potatoes & black olives + rocket salad w toasted walnuts, pecorino & honey/dijon vinaigrette
dessert...apricot, nectarine & peach cobbler with clotted cream

you can find a cracker of a cobbler recipe in the latest delicious mag...so easy & really really really tasty!...delicious mag cobbler recipe


BabyMac said...

This is my idea of HEAVEN. Looks perfect. Perfect! Do you know about Kinfolk Magazine? If not make sure you look it up - this could be from one of their shoots.

Anonymous said...

Those cheeses look amazing! Not to mention everything else....I miss you!!K

greenbeenfood said...

Miss Beth you are gorgeous and thank you for the tip on Kinfold mag...bloody great & no i don't think i am on par w them! I wish. Thk u xx

greenbeenfood said...

Lovely K can't wait to see you & Mr M for New Years!!! I miss you w all my heart xx

Anonymous said...

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