Sunday, October 16

hellenic republic, 434 lygon st, brunswick east, melbourne

the above prawns (to me) were the stand out dish!  incredibly moorish!
 a friend from sydney visited melbourne recently & high on her 'to do' list was to have dinner at hellenic republic...she has their book & cooks from it often.  i happily joined in with 2 other friends & the night was plentiful with food & wine, many laughs, loud & late (we were the last to leave).

we ordered the trapezi menu $58 per person...everything was delicious...the menu consisted of mezethakia...small hellenic tastes, thalassina, fish from the grill, cypriot salad of grains, pulses & nuts, kreata – meat of the day, patates, lahansalata, tzatziki and...finally epithorpio - sweet: kataifi pastry cherries, custard, mastic ice cream.

the absolute stand out to me was garithes simiakes, whole clarence river school prawns deep fried w attiki honey dressing...we ate them whole, crunchy, salty & sweet dipped in the honey dressing...i am still thinking about them!


Painted Page said...

Hi Dayle
Finally in your element in Melbourne. I hope you and the family are having a wonderful time.
thinking of you all in my favourite city next to NYC....
Love Bette

ChopinandMysaucepan said...

I have not been to a cool restaurant recently that did not have deep fried school prawns on their menu, whether it's Japanese, mod Oz, Greek! Love your music too! Beautiful post.

greenbeenfood said...

Thanks Bette. We are loving Melbourne! NYC seems so much more exciting tho...hope you are keeping well. Dayle x

greenbeenfood said...

I know there is something about deep fried school prawns soooo delicious! Thanks for your comment. Dayle

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