Wednesday, April 20

ossau iraty...delicious french sheeps milk cheese

recently my work, visco fine foods, hosted a cheese & wine night for industry customers...we tasted over 20 visco imported cheeses from italy, france & spain all matched with imported wines from bouchon wines.  one of the stand out cheeses of the evening (for me) was ossau iraty from france.  I love the nutty, creaminess of this cheese...soooo delicious.  it is a traditional, unpasteurized, semi-soft cheese with a natural rind & is made with the milk of manech ewes.  usually matured for a min of 3mths & with age the cheese becomes stronger in flavour.  wine match (i learnt on the night) would be cotes de st mont.


john@heneedsfood said...

Jealous? No, I am not. Not this cheese-lover

Anonymous said...

Lovely sheeps milk cheese. Jess

Camila Ely said...

Just the other day I picked small sample of this cheese and then I noticed that you blogged about it. I agree, this was a very gentle and creamy delicious cheese! By the way I love your blog, your photographs are amazing! Thanks for sharing! :)