Friday, April 1

fromager des clarines

 anyone that reads my blog would now gather i could eat good cheese all day...everyday...until i am sadly uncomfortable!  fromager des clarines is a cheese i have known for about 12 years now.  my love for this cheese began when i worked in the fromagerie @ simon johnson.  it was popular then with customers & chefs & understandbly so...various good delis around brisbane sell this cheese, i got this one from vanilla pod.  the cheese needs to be handled/stored with care as it can perish quickly...when it is ripe & ready it is incredible!

cheese notes - fromager des clarines is made from mountain milk, yielding a smooth, very creamy cheese that is a must to serve as close to room temperature as possible, to release it's fresh white truffle butter flavours.  packed in a woodchip box you can serve straight from the box or place on a platter...delicious w grissini or crusty baguette.

enjoy with sparkling wine or a gutsy can also bake this cheese in its box - plenty of recipes avail via google.


The Decorator said...


I too love cheese and I must look for this one to try.

Does anyone coast side sell this one
Madame Green been?

Gastronomy Gal said...

looks gorge. I'm not great with cheese, but I make exceptions for beautiful cheeses, even when the cramps set in, I don't care, I know it was all worth it!

Anonymous said...

One of the best cheeses EVER! Keli.