Thursday, March 17

slow cooked goat w white wine, tomatoes & harissa

on our recent visit to sunnybank we discovered a busy butcher selling many cuts of meat that are not readily available...i was inspired to buy the goat pieces & do them in the slow cooker.   the dish was really yummy although i did put them on a bit late & the meat needed a good while to break down & become tender so we ate dinner after 9pm...the cotes du rhone helped with the wait though!

slow cooked goat w white wine, tomatoes & harissa
ingredients - 1.5kg goat pieces, 1blt dry white wine, 4 garlic gloves chopped, 1 onion chopped, fresh oregano chopped, 12 roma tomatoes halved, sea salt/cracked pepper, 1 dried chilli.
prepare - pan fry the goat pcs in a little olive oil, fry onion w garlic, pour in the wine & reduce to half, put all in the slow cooker along with remaining ingredients & cook for approx 4.5hrs.
serve - w quinoa, lemon wedge & a good dollop of harissa
slurp - cotes du rhone or whatever else takes your fancy!


Unknown said...

YUM!!! that sounds amazing... xx

john@heneedsfood said...

I absolutely adore goat meat. When slow-cooked it's so tender and flavoursome. I had a goat curry a couple of nights ago at Kammadhenu, a Sri Lankan restaurant in my neighbourhood. Just beautiful!
Great flavours in your recipe!

Anonymous said...

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