Tuesday, June 29

burleigh art & craft mkts

i love a market.....esp a market by the sea in winter....under huge norfolk pines....burleigh art & craft mkts are run on the last sunday of every mth.  my mum&dad-in-law suggested a day there...ruby wanted lychees (out of season but she insisted)....eve wanted honey macadamias & i bought a fabulous Aframe dress in a gorgeous retro print.....a beer & a roast @ the pub was a perfect accompaniment to the day!


Gastronomy Gal said...

Did you end up finding the lychees? That dress is very striking! Gorge.

greenbeenfood said...

lychees found @ mkt but from thailand and bitter! try telling a 3 yr old they are not in season....very difficult. she loves them!.....+ i wish mkts kept to the rule that they only sell things that are local & in season....?