Saturday, November 20

morrocan feast.....celebrated all afternoon long

 anyone who knows me will know that i love colour.....i love it - it makes me happy.  so when i was planning a morrocan lunch for my family & friends recently i definitely got excited about colour & the food!  morrocan food is delicious & social & perfect for my family & friends.

my morrocan menu consisted of:
to eat:
white bean, goat fetta, coriander & harissa dip
yoghurt, dill, mint, garlic, lemon & aniseed dip
afghani bread

cous cous w poached vegetables & coriander
tagine of chicken, saffron, cherry tomatoes, green olives, preserved lemon & chilli
side bowl of harissa

turkish delight ice cream w crushed pistachios & rose petals

to drink:
sparkling sauvignon blanc
wirra wirra rose
mint & apple iced tea

recipes can be found on
or just google moroccan food for inspiration!


gabby magnus said...

I'm a member now

M. said...

I'm so jealous! such a beautiful table, delicious food...real feast!!!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you invite me to these lunches? Robbie x

Despina Platia said...

What a beautiful blog!Great ideas and presentation!

Unknown said...

you missed me out! your true love... looks fabulous and delicious, i love a maroccan feast! xxx