Thursday, July 1

alberto's shot, 462 montague rd, west end

alberto's shot is a true testament to the saying "i build it & they will come"....alberto is onto a simple & completely successful formula.  straight forward menu, excellent food, good coffee & cafe theatre.  unless you are local you need to drive to him (or catch a bus/ferry/cab!) & you will not be sorry...whenever i have visited, ordered, eaten i leave with a smile (it is a good vibe thing).  the boys working (that is including alberto) chat amongst themselves & soon enough you might find yourself involved in their banter.  the coffee...piazza doro is good.....i have only ever had good coffee & their choices of foccacia is really great.  my last visit i enjoyed the tuna, tomato, mayo, rocket foccacia toasted w latte....delicious!  alberto's specials for the day i visited were seafood risotto or pumpkin soup.....there is sweet fare on 7 days but closed by 2:30pm for siesta!!!! check out alberto's website
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Anonymous said...

I had the Australiana Foccacia with sausages (around $15 - totally
over-priced), the stale bread was toasted, the egg was cooked like a
flat omelet and absolutely tasteless. Honestly, the eggs taste better at a famous hamburger chain, and I am not joking.

The foccacia was laced with a salsa that left a bad taste in my mouth, bacon and a sliced up sausage. The flavour of the salsa killed the natural taste of the ingredients. You go in to pay your bill and you can see the sandwiches pre-made and ready to toss out to customers. There is no love or pride in this establishment, just a fast food

The latte was average but no better than my percolated home made
coffee. How disappointing. I am a local and would like to support a
nearby business but not this one.

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