Wednesday, June 30

nigel slater is my favourite

i adore cook books....i started collecting when i was in my 20's.....i love all of much that they would be amongst the things i would grab in a fire (it would take time though so might be a little ambitious depending on the fire ferocity) amid them are the river cafe, carluccio's, neil perry, lucios, greg malouf, salute by donovans (gorgeous), anthony bourdain, giorgio locatelli, maggie beer, stephanie alexander, david thompson, ursula ferrigno, bocuse, jamie oliver........however isn't there always a favourite?.............yes there is.......& i must say after much consideration i would like to tell you.....that.....i adore nigel slater & his books!  i have since living in london and receiving my first nig (as i call him) book from "books for cooks" just off portobello rd.  i was 23, i wandered into books for cooks, sat down with a book on my lap and did not look up for a long while....his books make me feel warm....i was a long way from home and felt instant comfort in his recipes & pages.  he made & still makes me want to embrace cooking with the real stuff!  his latest book "tender volume 1 nigel slater a cook & his vegetable patch" is keeping me comfort at this very moment.  my next plan is to make his "goats cheese & beetroot salad w toasted hemp & poppy seeds"....hemp hhmm could be hard to find?

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