Saturday, June 5

burleigh....always conjures up great thoughts

burleigh is gorgeous all year round but i love it in winter....less heat & people m&d spend a mth @ burleigh each year around this time....our day trip to visit them is all about walking by the sea, eating fish or calamari & chips, drinking white wine, licking ice-cream, sipping coffee & eating cake....the surf club is good for fish & chips (not sure if their whole menu is worth a try tho so maybe just order simply..they are off the hook though as the view is soooo goood)......dragonfly in the main strip of burleigh is good for merlo coffee and finally......the best bit is burleigh beach itself.  my m&d have been married for over 40 yrs & whereever they go they hold hands - that is so gorgeous to me.....

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