Thursday, June 28

skordalia...leftovers never wasted!

following on from my previous post 'greek feast' i wanted to harp on a bit more about skordalia!  when I prepared for the greek lunch I made a lot of skordalia. i kept the letfovers in an air tight container and 10 days after making the potato whip it was still in delicious condition.

i grilled some ciabatta and topped with skordalia, black olive tapenade & rocket. delicious lunchy snack and on another occasion i pan fried some (leftover) roast chicken and topped toasted cumin sourdough with skordalia, chicken, rocket and lemon olive oil...again delicious!

I have thickened soups with skordalia too...added a bit of a garlicky punch to the soup or dolloped on top of pureed soup instead of using cream.  Another idea is to use the skordalia as a bed for pan fried fish or many tasty uses for leftover skordalia!

oh and finally another good option is to bake eggs with chorizo, chopped tomatoes & white butter beans and finish with a dollop of skordalia!

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leah of sang the bird said...

my stomach is rumbling. your pics look delicious xx