Sunday, October 30

innocent bystander, 336 maroondah highway, healesville, vic

a recent chilly, windy and rainy sunday was the perfect day to drive to the yarra valley and explore.  no research was put into it, just a spur of the moment decision and we were off...gps said 1hr 20 mins to healesville town centre from our home.

we arrived close to lunch and after driving through the main street we came across 'innocent bystander'.  the place was packed.  a table was quickly sorted out for us and we settled in with a glass of giant steps chardonnay & a glass of giant steps pinot.

'innocent bystander' offers many things under the one roof...a winery - (giant steps & innocent bystander), cellar door, bistro, coffee roasting, beer, artisan bakery, pizzeria & cheese room.  so there is plenty going on in their industrial looking space!

we ordered two pizzas for our table...a classic margherita with shaw river buffalo mozzarella and the other pizza was pink eye potato, taleggio, mt zero olive oil, walnuts & rosemary...very delicious, great pizza bases too.  the housecut (organic dobsons potatoes) with aioli were quickly gobbled up!

matt had a coffee to finish...he claimed it was excellent whilst the girls shared a house baked canele.

'innocent bystander' will be on our list to visit next time we are in the valley...could be breakfast, some more pizza or dinner...all sounds good...see their website for more details...innocentbystander

12 comments: said...

If I didn't live on the other side of the city, I'd go there every week for pizzaaaaaaa!

Trudy ~ Veggie num num said...

Oh my! That potato pizza looks so amazing - the dough looks perfect!! Love all the great shots on this post and all that beautiful bread!!

gbf said...

thank you wholelarderlove...your site is fabulous & yes pizzzzaaa everyday is something i could handle!

gbf said...

Hi Trudy, their bread did look fabulous wish i bought a loaf to take home now. The pizza was certainly delicious. Dayle

Pinecone Camp said...

Pizza. Yum. Healesville is such a pretty place....haven't been there for years. Thanks for yet another great restaurant to add to our list. ;)

greenbeen said...

i know Janis...Healesville is gorgeous...sadly it was pouring with rain so we didn't get a chance to wander the shop lined street! next time...

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