Friday, February 18

my friday vibe

i really like the feeling of fridays...the thought of waking on a saturday morning with really nothing but leisurely commitments is bliss.

friday nights for me are usually relaxing at & cheese seems to be a tradition too nowadays.  i recently bought a french camembert from the supermarket (i know, not a deli but it was a convenience thing) was called royal came in a little wooden box & it was excellent....strong mushroom flavour with a nice salt content, perfect with a glass of rose.

enjoy your friday night & weekend too!


Gastronomy Gal said...

ahh- that does sound like a perfect friday. Unfortunately I'm stuck at work and a little bit dusty from last night, so this Friday is taking longer than usual.

The Decorator said...

Yes I agree about Fridays! Love that Saturday morning 'vibe' as you put it. Espresso in bed!
That supermarket cheese sounds wonderful- the strong mushroom flavour has got me! Can't wait to try!

greenbeenfood said...

i too saw that royal faucon was blocked by aust quarrantine in dec however (when i tried it) it was fabulous....aust quarrantine is very strict too...imagine if you bought this cheese in an open air mkt in france - none the wiser?? dayle