Wednesday, August 11

cured tuna loin, tuna salami & tuna crumbs

recently visco had a container arrive from italy & we were all very excited about what was inside!  a new range of to visco......and new to australia!

no 1 in the range is palamita sausage or better described as cured tuna loin (pictured). this delicious delicacy is prepared similar to a bresaola. it is best served sliced thinly carpaccio style…try with rocket, cherry tomatoes, squeeze of lemon & a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

no 2 in the range is tuna salami – premium quality tuna fillet prepared salami style….classic & simple it is cured with a little salt, pepper, selected spices and herbs.

no 3 in the range is cured ground tuna fillet – “flour of fish” – cured & dried Tuna “crumbs” made in the artisan method using the traditional drying techniques. as it is already ground you can use the crumbs similar to “botarga” - in sauces, with pasta & rice dishes & to add aroma & garnish to seafood dishes.

quite likely these products will be on spring/summer menus this year in restaurants!